Johnson City Congregation History

A congregation began forming in the Southern Tier area in the 1920s.  

Construction on the church building at the corner of Burbank Avenue and Dewitt Street in Johnson City, New York was begun in 1946. Designed by Architect is Jack Ross of Pittsburgh, the 75 by 33 foot building was built almost entirely by the volunteer labor of about 40 members of the congregation.

Construction was originally expected to cost between $15,000 and $20,000 and the money was raised largely through baking and selling pies, bread and cakes.

The first service on June 19, 1949 was held in the basement of the uncompleted church building, which housed, at that time, a nursery, kitchen and main assembly hall. Although it was originally hoped that the 200 seat Sanctuary would be completed by 1959, the first services were held upstairs on Easter Sunday, April 13, 1963.

Six Douglas fir laminated, cedar-stained arches support western red cedar roof timbers which constitute the frame. The walls are of cherry wood over textile material and warm tone brick.

The church lot measures 150 feet by 150 feet.


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